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About Us

On May 28th, 2017, enjoying the sun and the warmth, sipping a drink on a terrace in Old Montreal, we did not know yet that our life was going to change…We were having a normal conversation, the one in which you imagine yourselves living somewhere else, changing your life. Like many Quebecers, we all dream at some point not to live these winter months so cold and so long… The more we packed, the more we discussed about it, the more the dream seemed possible!! Usually, the day after that kind of talking, everything is forgotten, we go back to the office, we return to the routine, and the dream gives way to reality…. but not this time!!! The decision was made…. we go abroad! But to go where and to do what?

That is when the questions arise. What do we like to do? What makes us happy? For as long as to leave everything behind and start all over again, as well make something niceĀ and that is when 1-2-3 Boat Rental was born. Every time we went on a boat trip, it was always and without exception, our most beautiful day of the week.

So today we are here to make YOU spend the most beautiful day ever. Choose from one of our boats of the year and be your own captain or let us guide you to enjoy Miami sunshine. Come and discover this wonderful city from another point of view! Have a picnic on one of the islands, enjoy the sandbar , contemplate the houses of the stars, have fun tubing, ride a banana boat or burn calories on a paddle board or kayak.

See below the possibilities available to you and then it is easy… just call, rent and ride 1-2-3 Boat Rental